This morning I found out that at least two of my cousins are missing in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. We hear of natural disasters and tragedies happening every day, all over the world, but rarely does it actually hit home.

I’d like to raise money and prayers for search and relief efforts for my family. If you can support, please visit to kindly make a donation to this effort.

I’ll be sure to keep everyone posted as we learn more about the status of my family overseas.

This video was made to gain awareness and support for my family struggling in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines. If you’re able, please donate to fund relief efforts for families in the Philippines here:

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DUA Vietnamese Restaurant: Food Photography and Menu Design

If you’re ever in the downtown Atlanta area (or Lovejoy), and you’re in the mood for Vietnamese cuisine you’ve got to check out DUA.  This family owned restaurant serves up classic Pho (pronounced “fuh”) by the bowl-load, and a number of other delicious Vietnamese favorites!

I was recently hired to photograph some of their dishes, as well as re-design their menu and website.  The re-brand of their website will be public in a few weeks, but until then take a look below to see just a sample of deliciousness from DUA.  Of course, you’ll have to visit them in person at one of their great locations

IMG_9390-2 IMG_9404-2 IMG_9426-2 IMG_9430-2Screenshot 2013-10-29 12.32.39

Family Portraits: Thabani and Melanie Sithole



It’s a beautiful thing to watch a family grow. Thabani and Melanie gave me the opportunity to photograph my first wedding a few years ago when they first began their family! Now their son Jay has grown up to be a very handsome and energetic boy — and we’re all excited to see the newest addition to the Sithole family!

Check out our fun shoot in Piedmont Park, combining family and maternity style photographs:


Case Study: The Hodge Twins

ISH_1838 - extended backgroundPhotographing the Hodge Twins was a great experience in many ways. First of all, these guys are just funny as hell!  I can’t even remember how I first stumbled across the twins (Keith and Kevin), but I’ve watched, and shared, many of their hilarious YouTube videos before being asked to photograph them for Urban Lux Magazine. Which brings me to the next reason I loved this photoshoot: shooting for magazines is awesome!  Some of the greatest, creative challenges are faced while doing editorial work for a magazine, and I really enjoy being able to translate the editor’s vision and a story’s message through imagery.

ISH_1917To top it all off, I was able to work with my favorite creative team and we all got to travel to Washington, DC for the shoot!  We got to shoot at locations like the National Harbor and the National Gallery of Art.  Of course, after the work was done we turned the city inside out…but what happened in DC will stay in DC, lol!

Check out some of images below, plus a behind the scenes video from my friends Eric and Taylor at One Entertainment Productions.

ISH_1890ISH_1809 ISH_1776 ISH_1768ISH_1895ISH_2111 ISH_2055 ISH_2048 ISH_2021 ISH_2002ISH_2160